Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crutching along!

So, I was doing my good deed for the day by letting my friends dog out for her while she was at an appointment. On my way to her house I slipped ion her yard, I caught myself but I guess I must of hyper extended my foot because by Friday I was almost in tears because of the pain. I was really upset because I had to call in sick today for work and it's only my first week! But I was just in too much pain to go through a full day of work!
I met one of my favourite Hematologist at the Peter Lougheed Centre and she examined me for signs of a bleed. I also got an X ray to ensure it was not a bleed. The test revealed that a pulled a muscle in my ankle and am now on crutches!
And if you have been reading my blog you'll remember that Zane is also on crutches so we've been crutching along around the house.
We've been eating only take out and the house is a bit of a mess but in a few days this will just be a memory!
In the meantime we are watching movies and listening to music! Like Adele which I love! 21.
If you are in the mood you are more than welcome to come and clean our house our cook for us!!


  1. Pulled muscle? Drink water lots of water, then salt bath, then rub some zheng gu shui on it. Glutamine is good to add to juice or water (5g twice a day with a beverage) to help speed up the healing. By day 2 or 3 you should be able to start stretching it out. On Friday I strained my left pectoral muscle in kick boxing class. By following these simple instructions I'll be ready to hit the gym for my shoulder and traps routine this evening. Get better soon. Crutches suck!
    PS- Zheng Gu Shui is the Chinese muscle rub I was giving out at the Hemo youth leadership workshop. Can be found at Chinese herbal medicine stores for about $5. Glutamine can be purchased at Popeye's, GNC, or Naturally Fit and not only speed heals your muscles but also boosts your immune system and promotes good complexion.

  2. Matt!! you are awesome! thank you darling! You are too sweet. I still have that rub you gave me and I will start taking glucosamine right away! I've been wrapping it and icing it and elevating it and resting as much as possible! I'm going to try to go back to work on tuesday so thanks so much for your help!
    Love you!