Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, today is my Poppy's Birthday! He is 88 today! We are 60 years and one day a part! I absolutely adore my poppy. I think all of us grand children do. He is everything a grandfather should be, kind, sweet, caring and funny. My poppy worked as a cook so he always had to most delicious cakes and cookies around and make the best Sunday dinners ever.
When I think of my poppy I think of the time I was in the hospital in Stephenville as a child. I can't even remember what I was in for, a bleed somewhere. I was in for about a week or so and I really missed seeing their dog Puppy! (yes the dog was named puppy.)
So my grandfather went home, got the dog, drove up to my hospital window and held the dog up so I could reach out and pet him.
My grandfather is also a beautiful artist. He is a self taught artist. He uses oil paints. When I was a kid and I was home sick from school with a bleed he would let me use his paints and teach me how to paint flowers. I currently have a painting that we did together hanging in my house and to this day it is one of my most prized possessions!