Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, lately I have been talking to a lot of new friends I have made on Facebook! One such friend includes Rahul. He is a kind and thoughtful person and has been struggling with Hemophilia all of his life. Please read his story. I am hoping that it will inspire you donate to his cause by clicking the donate button!

Hello my name is Rahul I am a severe factor 8 from India. I have a family history of Hemophilia and throughout my life it has caused me many problems.
The medicine used to treat a bleeding episode is very expensive and hard to get. The Hemophilia Treatment Centre is far away and is hard for me to get to.
I would love to improve my quality of life and would like to do so by opening my own business. The idea is to open a gift shop that sells fancy stationary and specialty items. Once I open my store I plan on employing other Hemophiliacs as well. Opening my own business would give me my independence and help me and my family with our medical expenses. Please donate to my cause and help us start a new life!

Thank you to Rahul for sharing your story and I am hoping that will encourage us to get involved and help out where we can!


  1. Aww , i'm so heart broken :(

  2. I know Dalton! that is how I feel too!! Thank you for reading sweetie! I really appreciate it!! xoox

  3. I wish I could help. I too am a struggling hemo. Although my factor is paid for, I am unable to work due to all the damage in my lower joints from bleeds. Plus, I have a son who has severe hemophilia with type 2N vWd. My prayers go out to Rahul!!!!

  4. Will pray that you get all the support you need Rahul :)

  5. If anyone who reads this wants to help, we have an international nonprofit that sponsors individuals with bleeding disorders in developing countries. We have 750 people sponosred in 11 countries already and we are growing!

    We've helped kids get surgeries, finish college, attened physical therapy.

    Thanks! Laurie

  6. Yes Laurie! I've written about Save One life as well in a different post! It's an awesome program! Thank for reading!

  7. Anonymous, if you live in Canada, there is a diability program you can go on! Also, there is a disabilty tax credit and disability savings account! If you live in Canada message me and I can give you some more information!