Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank heaven for little girls!

So, I must say the Zoo Sleepover was a big success! I had 15 girls show up and 2 moms to help out. We had presentations, gift bags, snacks, crafts and even a bedtime story! The girls were so well behaved I didn't have to say a work to them all night, they were sweet and polite and respectful. I think I had the most fun of all to be honest. I love being around the girls I forgot about everything that was stressing me out and just enjoyed my evening and even though I slept on a rickety cot I had a wonderful sleep and I feel so good in the morning. I love walking around the zoo in the morning on our way to breakfast singing and laughing with the girls. It was a wonderful experience and I am hoping to do it again next year. Since I have been involved with the Canadian Hemophilia Society for the past four years or more but this was the first event I planned all by myself. Speaking of the Hemophilia Society, we are currently selling Christmas Cards, there are 20 in a pack with four different drawings by Children affected by a bleeding disorder, each pack is $20 with all the proceeds going to the Southern Alberta Region of the Canadian Hemophilia Society so we can plan more wonderful events like the Zoo Sleepover! 


  1. All 3 of our girls LOVED this event! Thanks for planning this!

  2. Thanks Joelle! I'm so glad they liked it! xo