Monday, October 10, 2011

When it rains it pours

So, last week Zane was at basketball and injured himself. He came home Wednesday night in the most pain I've ever seen him in. We took him to the doctor and they said his knee was too swollen to diagnose him just yet, an x ray showed there was nothing broken but other than that they can't tell what going on. They gave him naproxen to help with the swelling and Tylenol 3's as a pain killer but he is still over come in pain. He in on crutches and we've been elevating it and icing it. I have to say that things run much more smoothly when I'm the sick one and Zane's the healthy one. I am not as good as helping him as he is to me and it is much easier being sick myself than seeing him in pain. It absolutely breaks my heart and I feel helpless. So far Zane has had to miss three days of work and hasn't left the house. The medicine is hurting his stomach. We are waiting to hear back from the Knee Clinic at the Foothills Hospital and I am hoping and praying that they are able to help him ASAP! Despite all of this going on I still cooked us a delicious turkey dinner and today I made a delicious turkey pot pie. My friend Cheryl came over today to cheer me up and do my hair. I must say a little company was so nice for both Zane and I. Since today is Thanksgiving I must say I am very Thankful for all of our friends and family and especially Zane and Lily I just wish we could be a little bit healthier!

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