Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yoga for Corey

So, I received this e mail today from one of my Hemophilia friends on behalf of Corey a severe Hemophiliac. I hope you take a minute to read and find out how you can help!

 I am writing you this letter because I will be starting a 200 hour, yoga teacher training program this fall and I would like your support.> > This is an accredited ‘Yoga Alliance’ program taught by one of the> > most skilled and recognized yoga instructors in Portland, Oregon,> > Tiffany Cruikshank ( This training will cost> > $3,490 and I will need assistance and sponsorship to make it happen.> > > > I am 25 years old and I have been practicing yoga for the past two> > years and over that time I have realized considerable health benefits.> > I am pursuing this accreditation to further my understanding of yoga,> > and to teach and inspire others with blood disorders. On a deeper> > level I am doing this training to contemplate, appreciate, and find> > acceptance for my own body.> > > > As you may be aware, I have severe hemophilia and as a result of this> > disease I have sustained more injuries than I can possibly count,> > leading to arthritic joints. I realized at a young age that I needed> > to do something to try and stop the cycle of injury but it was a> > struggle figuring out what exactly I should do. After little success> > with stints in swimming, cardio, and weights, I opted to have a> > surgical ankle fusion performed in January of 2009 to alleviate> > chronic ankle pain. At the time, the pain in my ankle was making it> > extremely difficult to do anything aerobically. To rehabilitate from> > this surgery I decided to try yoga in hopes of regaining muscle in my> > atrophied leg. Not only have I been able to bring strength back into> > my leg, but I have been able to significantly decrease the number of> > injuries I sustain even though I am considerably more active now.> > > > Yoga has also been an extremely valuable tool for maintaining my> > psychological well-being. Graduating from college into a recession was> > very difficult but I was able to remain balanced and bring meaning to> > my life while I searched for work by challenging myself in class to> > improve my ‘asanas,’ or poses in yogi speak. I feel strongly that I> > eventually found work, in part, due to an optimism that would not have> > been there without yoga in my life.> > > > Since beginning my yoga practice I feel as though, for the first time,> > I may be able to live a long and healthy life. It is because of this> > that I feel so strongly that yoga needs to be taught to everyone with> > blood disorders. While interning with Bayer Heath Care (Bayer> > Pharmaceuticals) I developed the idea for “Living Fit: A Joint Effort”> > (, a program> > designed to encourage and give instruction on safe physical activity> > for kids with hemophilia. I am proud of having had a hand in this> > program, but there is much more that needs to be done to help people> > with blood disorders live long and healthy lives.> > > > Upon graduation from this program I hope to begin teaching and sharing> > what I have learned to people with blood disorders young and old. I> > will do this through summer camps for the young and support groups for> > the old. When my training is complete I look forward to sharing my> > knowledge at the 2012 Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon Summer camp. In> > following years I would like to visit the surrounding states summer> > camps to teach. While there are many people who have championed the> > practice of yoga for hemophiliacs, most of them have been nurses,> > doctors, physical therapists or other health professionals. As a> > living example of what yoga is capable of, I believe there is a great> > deal of value in the message being delivered from someone who has> > lived it. I hope to inspire and encourage in a way that health> > professionals simply cannot.> > > > I have sent this letter because I believe you may be able to help me> > in this pursuit. Any donation would be a huge help towards this cause.> > If you are willing to support my education please respond to this> > letter and I will put you in contact with those responsible for the> > training. You may also contribute via the following website:> >> > > > Sincerely,> > > > Corey> > > > > >


  1. " Lohith Sindhe is a business owner born in Bangalore, India in 1981.Suffering from severe Hemophilia Factor VIII deficiency < 1%. He graduated from Bangalore University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

    Lohith Sindhe is the co founder of the Sumne's Enterprises, which includes website designing,advertising,Stock Market trading & Stock Market Analysis.

    Lohith spent his childhood in lot of misery at age 5th got whole blood transfusion due to tooth gum bleeding. Again at age 8 got whole blood transfusion due to getting hurt in an minor accident.Somehow his parents managed to get out of these situations even though frequently he would get pain in joints. Hemophilia left him nearly 60% physically handicapped.

    Lohith however with a fighting spirit fougt back all these odd situations with the medicine i.e. Crayo Presipetate, whenever his condition worsened he use to take FACTORs and get away with it. You know these FACTORS are really costly.

    Lohith one day got introduced to homoeopathy treatment. His life has changed far better now compared to his past. He is now happily living with his wife and his new born baby. Last 1 Year and 7 Months has changed his life he takes homoepathy medicines regurarly i.e. in morning and evening after food. Now even though if there is any joints bleed, he can resist for 3 to 4 days and get back to normal without taking any more FACTORS. Surprisingly his resistence power is increasing and definetely one day he may well get rid of this hemophilia.

    Lohith can be reached by email at "" for more details about the Homoepathy treatment. He is happy to guide and help millions of people around the globe who are suffering from Hemophilia. He aims to eradicate this disease as soon as possible. "


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