Tuesday, March 3, 2015


So, remember how I've been complaining about shortness or breath and tight chest and all that? Well, today I found out my ALPHA 1 level is low. Apparently this isn't a very common test and its very specialized and all that but anyways I googled the symptoms of this and guess what they are? Shortness of breath and tiredness! All the things I've been experiencing lately so while its not great, its good to know theres nothing seriously wrong with me. For the next month I plan to pump myself up with as much vitamins and nutrients as I can and get my levels back up so I can start feeling better.
The only down side is I only found this out after talking to my hemophilia clinic, two separate family doctors and going into emergency for 5 hours. So sometimes you really have to advocate for yourself and keep on searching and trying until you get some results.
Like I said having a chornic illness is a full time job, the worst, most  painful, least paying full time job!  


  1. I'm glad it's nothing serious! I hope you start to feel better soon. Oh, and Happy Birthday! :o)