Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coming around

So, I finally found out why I have been feeling so terribly lately.
My Hemoglobin, albumin and ferritin levels are low. Low Iron to put it simply.
The thing about low iron is that it helps carry your oxygen so thats why I've been short of breath and completely exhausted lately.
I'm so happy to finally know whats going on. It was driving me crazy.
I'm really glad its an easy fix but it does take a while for your iron to build up so I will be taking Iron pills for the next 90 days.
Iron pills aren't terrible but they are pretty gross, they hurt your stomach and make me nauseous but its much better than being exhausted from just walking to the top of the staires!
Well thats it for me I would write more but I am too tired!

1 comment:

  1. Give blqck beans a try theyre great for low iron and mixed with some tomatos, ina stirfry theyre mighty yummy.