Thursday, March 5, 2015

The remedy is worse than the disease!

So, I am currently wearing a 24 hour blood pressure monitor and it is absolutely terrible. That sounds dramatic but the darn thing goes off every 3o minutes and its noisy and it hurts and my arm is covered in little red dots (petechiae).

Here is a fun fact for you, an older hemotologist once told me that back in the day they would diagnose the severity of Hemophilia they would measure the amount of petechiae or little red dots left on their arm after a blood pressure reading. If the amount was bigger than a quarter then the person was considered severe. How's that for old school?

Anyways, I'm trying my best with this monitor but I can guarantee if it wakes me up in the night I will be be taking it off. 
I wish there was a gentler way to diagnose things. I'm at the point now where even blood work leaves bruises and veins are hard to find and its just annoying. I am praying for a factor 5 concentrate and an easier way to diagnose things. 

What is your most hated diagnostic test. Mine is anything involving barium and needles.

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