Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hemophilia Camp

So, today I should of been just getting home from Hemophilia camp.
But I ended up not going, mainly because the other people I know ended up cancelling. Another reason was because I was afraid I would get upset about Charlie while I was away and at least when I am home I have Zane and I can easily call my momma.
The few weeks leading up to camp I would mention it in conversation and people would screw up their face and say, Hemophilia camp? What do you do there?
Well at camp, we do all the things you would do at any other camp, hike, swim, play games and do arts and crafts.
Most hemophiliacs live completely normal lives, they wall climb, the ride bike they do whatever normal healthy people do.
Every time someone asks me, what do you do at camp? I am confused. They act as if there is nothing a hemophiliac could possibly participate in at a camp.
Which makes me wonder since Hemophiliacs can participate in pretty much any activity what kind of knife juggling, running with scissors camp are all these other people attending!?


  1. Thanks baby girl!! I really enjoy writing it I must say!! xoxo

  2. I hated knife juggling camp. haha. You're hilarious.