Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ordeal at the Dentist

So, as if I don't have enough doctors already I have to add a dentist to the mix. Not just any dentist though, a special dentist who is use to dealing with people with bleeding disorders. Normally I don't' really care about which dentist I see but this dentist is all the way across town and it cost $ 17 in a cab each way. I don't take the bus to the dentist because it takes like 3 transfers and I don't take the bus if it has any transfers because I end up in the craziest places.
I hate the dentist, I hate the needles in my gums, the sound of the drill and I hate the spray of my own teeth splashing up on my face. Anyways, normally fillings aren't too much trouble for me but I do have a lot more bleeding than a normal person. Thankfully I have no more cavities and for the most part a healthy mouth! At least that is one part of me that's healthy!

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