Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Torture Test

So, Today I went for a HIDAscan its a special scan used to get look at your small intestines, liver and gallbladder. I got one today because my gastric intestinal specialist wanted me to get one so he could examine my gall bladder and hopefully help me with my gall stones.
I never had one of these scans before so I was very nervous this morning when I arrived at the hospital.
After a little wait I was put into a room with this giant machine and two technicians. They gave me an IV and injected me with a radioactive chemical. Then they placed this rickety old machine over me every 20 minutes.
After two hours of this I was then injected with a hormone that causes your gallbladder to contract.
This caused a lot of pain and cramping in my stomach but it went away after a few hours. After a few more pictures I was free to go.
I felt awful afterwords and I really hate the idea of having been injected with radioactive material.
Then again when it comes to something like that what are you suppose to do? If I don't try and do something about my gallstones I will end up having to get surgery which really scares me. So I'm trying to manage it any way I can.
I think a lot of these diagnostic imaging tests are designed for people who get maybe one or two in a lifetime.
It's not meant for people to be exposed to radiation over and over. But, when it comes deciding to get CT scan or not, I feel like I am in between a rock and a hard place. If I don't get it I could be bleeding internally which can cause permanent joint, muscle and nerve damage and not to mention a tremendous amount of pain.
If I do get the scan we can see if I am bleeding internally right away even though I know I am exposing myself harmful radiation.
I guess in this case you are damned if you do and damned if you don't!


  1. Getting exposed to radiation over and over can't be good. But then again, what the frig are you supposed to do. Did you talk to your doctor about your concern?


    Stephanie :)

  2. I know right?? It seems like everyone has something different to say, some say its out weights the risk of not getting one. Some say to get ultrasounds instead. However, sometimes you can't see everything with an ultrasound!