Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You have to admit it's getting better

So, I went to grief counselling today and my counsellor feels that I should be going every second week instead of every week. She feels I am doing well. So that was good news to me.
Also, today was the day of my big speech! It went really well in my opinion. I was nervous I have to say. The auditorium was huge, much larger than the lecture theatres that were in my university. There were about 200 students there so I was pretty intimidated. I spoke for about 5 minutes, then we turned it over to the students. For about 50 minutes they asked me about everything from having children to shaving my legs. I was really glad that they were interested and kept coming up with new questions. It went really well, I was glad I did it and I hope the students learned some new things about Hemophilia.


  1. Ryanne - thank you so much for letting us share in your life, your ups and downs, today! From speaking to some of the other students, I know that we all truly appreciate that you had the courage to face us (this big crowd of knowledge-hungry nerds :) ) and speak so openly about who you are and how hemophilia has affected you! Through these first few weeks of medical school, I have noticed that once I have met a patient with a certain condition, I always think about him/her when I study about the condition or see another patient with it. You have really shaped the way I will look at hemophilia patients in the future and I sincerely hope that I will never be guilty of not taking a patient's bleed or pain seriously!

    May God bless you.


  2. Anna-Lena! thank you so much for writing!
    I thought about it after and I wished I would have give yuo all my blog address! oh well maybe next year!
    Best of luck in your schooling and if yuo ever have any hemophilia related questions please feel free to contact me! Thank you again so much for taking the time to write! It was a pleasure speaking to you all!!
    take care!! All ready I can tell you will make a wonderful Doctor!