Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So, Today I woke up and came out and checked my blog site like I do every morning! But today I was so happy to find that I had 50 followers! I started this blog in February with only one follower (me) so I am very happy to see that there are 50 people who are taking an interest in my blog! As if that wasn't exciting enough I came home from work to find a bouquet of beautiful yellow lilies and eucalyptus leaves. Zane is always doing thoughtful things like that but it really meant a lot to me. He is always supportive and helpful and he has been giving me so much encouragement ever since we've been together. A lot of people have said to me I don't know how you go through life with a positive attitude but when I get to spend every day with someone like Zane it certainly makes things a lot easier!


  1. I love Zane... I do not know you well enough to love you but I sure do like you! Plus you are doing a great job raising awareness for an important cause. For these and many more reasons you now have 51 followers!

  2. Thank you so much Adam M! I really appreciate it! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!!

  3. Ryanne - I also follow your blog. I enjoy your posts and am glad that you continue to post away about the everyday trial of women with bleeding disorders. Would you be willing to post on other blogs as a guest?