Monday, November 8, 2010

Home again Home again jiggety jig

So, I am home safe and sound from the Rare Blood and Bleeding Disorders conference in Vancouver. I must say I had a wonderful time! Vancouver is just beautiful and the conference was very informative. The highlight of the weekend for me was spending time with TWO factor 5 Hemophiliacs. One was severe and one was moderate but they both were in their 70's and had so much information and wisdom for me.
Any free time we had during the conference I spent getting a complete medical history of them. I felt that we had such a great connection and it was so encouraging for me to see two ladies, just like me make it to 70 years of age!
The focus of the conference was rare bleeding disorders through the life span so we had three hematologists speak on the early years, the reproductive years and aging.
Of course I had an opportunity to speak about my experiences and I realized that I am a much better writer than I am public speaker but I think i got my point across!
I also met 6 other people who live in Calgary so I have big plans for them to get involved with the society.
When you spend your whole life feeling different and like no one understands you and then you finally get to spend a whole weekend with people just like you, it's an amazing feeling.


  1. That's awesome that you were able to hang out with those ladies! I'll bet they did have a lot of advice and wisdom for you! Since I'm nearly 42, I come from a different generation of Hemophiliacs. I feel it's very important for younger Hemophiliacs to understand what it was like then and how we have progressed. Also, us older folks have a lot of tricks up our sleeves! :) This is why I started my site, so I could share all that information.

    So glad you had a wonderful and informative trip! :)

  2. Ryan yes it was just awesome!
    I think its important for the older Hemophiliacs to keep the youth updated too! I am thinking about having one of them speak at the next youth conference!
    I love your blog too by the way! Thanks for keeping us updated!!

  3. Bravomundo from your biggest factor V deficiency fan club here in Mercer Island! Keep up the great work and don't forget to share what you know on the MyGirlsBlood facebook site.

  4. Thank you so much Cheryl! I will write something!
    Thanks for reading!