Monday, November 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

So, I went to the dentist today, I had to get fitted for a crown. A crown is a little tooth piece they put over the damaged tooth. I must say it wasn't too bad at all! It only took about an hour and a half and there was no bleeding at all so I was very happy about that.
The bad part was having to brave the bad weather to go to the appointment. Luckily my Dad picked me up and we ended up having a nice day together! Speaking of the weather historically, I tend to have more health problems in the winter months. Almost all of my big bleeding episodes have occurred in the winter. I don't know exactly why but I think it is because the winter is harder on your body. Either way, the winter is my most hated time of the year. I love the way the snow looks and I love Christmas but it's definitely not a good time of year for me. I am hoping however that this year will be a good Christmas! I am planning on getting my momma a Karaoke Machine Singing Machine ISM1010 Home Karaoke System. She loves singing and so do I, so I think it will be fun for everyone well maybe not our family and friends because they will have to listen to us but at least it will be fun for Mom and I!


  1. such a great gift idea Ry~! You're going to have so much fun!

  2. Thank you Ange!! you are soo sweet!!

  3. That was a great gift idea, Ryanne! Singing is really a fun activity to do especially during family gatherings. By the way, I'm so inspired of your story about dental visit. I need to visit one of the best Las Vegas dentists next week but I'm afraid of dentists. I need to have my teeth cleaned and checked since it's been a year that I didn't do the task. I remember my sister who had tooth implant last month by the best Las Vegas implant dentistry dentist practice in town. The result of the dental implant is nice. Now, I'm beginning to be inspired when it comes to dental treatment. Thanks for sharing!